I am Jason, also Flipdog, also Lastgnomestanding, also Daddy, depending on the context of where you encounter me and who you are when you encounter me.

This blog exists for me to upload my doodles. They are part of a larger canvas that I am ‘drawing’ on, a canvas which also includes music and words. The music that I have recorded and released can be heard here, and read about here. There are also some words there at the latter; more are on my music blog.

I will link to the overarching theme that is called ‘Insight farming in the western abyss‘ when I have written the page that has it on, if I ever find a way of putting it into words.

Also, I have now set up a Deviant Art profile. The reason I have chosen Flipdog1998 as my handle there is because apparently someone else has the name Flipdog, and apparently the singularity is a pipe dream still some way off. I have noticed that human beings can cope with more than one person having the same name, though.


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